Culturally Responsive Tutors

Students will receive the benefit of at least 120 minutes per week of concentrated literacy skill building, developed directly from their classroom source text reading. Our Culturally Responsive Tutors work directly with students to integrate their choice in music artists’ songs to assist with the students’ learning and demonstration of new knowledge.

Culturally Responsive Ecosystem

Opus World is an entire Culturally Responsive Ecosystem! Our Ecosystem consists of higher education professors and grad students in learning community with K-12 classrooms, and Billboard Top 100 artists in learning community with teachers, all facilitated via a clean and easy technology called The Opus App.

We’ve designed our HIT intervention to achieve a 1:18 aggregate ratio, where our tutors, serve
no more than 18 students in total while providing dedicated 1:3 tutoring (tutor to student
ratio). We normally facilitate three 60-minute tutoring intensives per “HIT day”, with ideally
four HIT days per week (12 hours per week for our tutors). In this way, our High Impact Tutors
enable 120-minutes per week of culturally responsive tutoring for each student.

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