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by: Sage Salvo

The name of the fifth calendar day of the week; Thursday, takes its root in the Old English term ‘Thor’s Day’. Thor was the Norse God of Thunder known for wielding his powerful magic hammer. The symbolism adopted from Thor’s Day resides in this most powerful mythical figure’s chief tool, his hammer! With a command over thunder, Thor was able to battle and balance evil with his hammer.  Thor was also an insatiable seeker of knowledge as lore has it.

powerAs mere mortals in the 21st century, one of our primary tools of power is another instrument propagated through the hand; a writing utensil. Some of us have been able to use pencils, pens, and keyboards like Thor’s hammer. Through Hip-Hop geniuses, political geniuses, and historic literary geniuses, this blog, Revealing Unexamined Genius: The Thursday Series, will explicate the craft of using words that shake us human beings to the very core, just like the thunder. The gods here are hip-hop artists, figures in politics, other rhetorical geniuses, and the poets of yesteryear. The blog analyses the causes and effects of current events at the intersection of politics, world literature, and hip-hop.

In our increasingly creative economy, it’s crucial to understand innovation through cross sectional analysis. We excavate current events for you through the lens of this unique intersection. Every Thursday you’ll be able to read and view original content and commentary about current events through the optics of literary geniuses like T.S. Eliot, Nas, William Wordsworth, Biggie, Emily Dickinson, Abraham Lincoln, Kendrick Lamar, FDR, Shakespeare, Alexis de Tocqueville, and Jay Z.


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