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Sage Salvo’s Words Liive Sheds New Light on English Language Arts

Sage Salvo founded Words Liive because he wants to help students read more proficiently and study literature in more depth. To that end he’s developed an algorithm that lives inside his English Language Arts Augmentation company to engage students in sixth grade and up.

To Salvo, two of the coolest features inherent in Words Liive are actually derived directly from what he’s been able to accomplish in the classroom so far. First, students are guided through a text based on what the writer is doing before annotating what the writer is saying. Second, students can evaluate and score any text.

And Words Liive isn’t relegated only to the realm of Moby Dick or A Tale of Two Cities. In fact, Salvo has designed the platform to work with songs, poems, or excerpts from novels; it objectifies figurative language text.

At SXSW this year, Salvo told us about one of his favorite features of Words Liive called Hook the Book. Students are given the length of a tweet, approximately 140 characters, to summarize the main theme of a book and hook people into it; the kids love it as well.

Check out the video:

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