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A Sticky Issue

Education in DC is Still a Sticky Issue

Discussions related to education in the District of Columbia has long been a polarizing issue where the fundamental question is Are the kids learning, or not?

A little over a year ago The Washington Postand Kaiser Family Foundation announced 53 percent of District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) students’ parents gave the city’s education agency positive marks for the first time in a decade; yet, The Post also reported around the same time that about 60 percent of the city’s overall residents rated DCPS as “not so good” or “poor.” Those two stats clearly shows the stark differences in opinion.

DC government is trying to help city residents see that positive learning is possible in public school classrooms. DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson has recently released herConsolidation and Reorganization Proposalthat outlines the consolidation of 20 schools due to under-enrolling, which results in replacing 3,000 students to different schools. District officials aren’t putting forth anything revolutionary, according to area resident Candi Peterson‘s blog Washington Teacher. She notes that in 2008, then-Chancellor Michelle Rhee quickly closed 23 schools because she thought the District would save $23 million dollars, and the savings could be used to hire additional teachers and create new programs.


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