Fits a tarp: Yes. The pipe stand and calculator works great for my Hennessy. Quickview More Details. DD Hammocks Have a Lightweight Portable Hammock Stand If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Quickview test. Number six is a bonus item, and not often applicable, but it’s handy if, like me, you often camp with friends or family. Our wide range of quality hammocks, tarps and camping accessories, Watch set-up demos, reviews and expedition videos. Moderately easy. Add to Cart. use real ones. Let me know in the comments. I leave the “feet” assembled for easier assembly. Amazonas Samba Marine Sumo Set £199.00. Not much on the stand yet? DD Frontline Hammock. This stand is adjustable and you can even buy an extension adapter to go really long (up to 180 in/457 cm). You will also find a variety of hammocks and accessories that will allow you to camp out and sleep in a hammock offering you a lightweight alternative to carrying a tent. Find or make some stuff sacks, and I’ll be set for the next outing…if my son doesn’t commandeer it for his Eno. Sturdy: The Vario is steel and very solid. Let me reiterate the importance of good anchoring with these stands. I’ll argue that items four and five are mandatory, as you don’t want to compromise your health or safety with a stand that fails or cannot hold a tarp taut in severe weather. So for the past few years I’ve collected and even built a variety of hammock stands out of necessity. Would like to know the price and can it be courier to Rustenburg. ENO Nomad stand and shelter (bug net and Tarp/tent) I recommend getting 2 ft (61 cm) or longer rebar as stakes and pounding them in at a 60-degree angle away from the struts for maximum support. View now. The DD Hammocks range of gear is the combination of extensive backpacking knowledge, research and development, rigorous prototyping and hammock testing, + the reviews and feedback by amazing hammockers through the last decade. You won’t even need those trees in your yard if you have a modern wonder known as the hammock stand. At, we have a wide assortment of hammock frames and stands available. (105) 105 product ratings - Hammock C Stand Solid Steel Construction For Hanging Air Porch Swing Chair CC79. Sleeping Pad, Feathered Friends Flicker 40 Quilt Sleeping Bag, HydroBlu Versa Flow Water Filter w/CNOC Reservoir, Improved campgrounds where camping is restricted to specific “plots” and trees are not reachable, Hanging hammocks on trees is not allowed (in certain national and state parks, for example), At group camping events (e.g., bicycle touring; local or national scouting camporees or jamborees) where you must camp in large fields, On river trips where camping is restricted to sandy riverbanks, At locations where there is no vegetation–no trees, no nothing (e.g., much of the American Southwest: Arches, Escalante, Grand Canyon, etc.). DD hammocks has been a leader in the hammock camping since industry since 2005. This is the only stand that can easily accommodate more than one hammock by design. Ropes Hookes Accessories. OSPREY-PACKS: Holiday Sale Markdowns! My previous stand was made from two 6′ 2″ diameter bamboo poles that were pegged out with 18″ steel “homey D” construction stakes. International Shipping. When I first saw it, I had to try it. DD HAMMOCKS TRAVEL HAMMOCK / BIVI. Thanks! The following list of stands isn’t meant to be exhaustive and is not ordered by any means, but it illustrates some of the options that fit my criteria, within reason. Using a 9′ Hammock Bliss, 165 lbs. Sturdy: The design is similar to the Handy Hammock design but the force distribution varies depending on construction. 9 were here. DD Camping Hammock . Much lighter and just as strong. The fence coupling I used wasn’t strong enough and eventually bent, collapsing this stand on top of me. No duplication of photos, maps, or text without permission. Philip Werner It’s Ikea’s Garo stand. Wow, you have some great info here! Thru 12/24: DARN-TOUGH: Shop Darn Tough Men's Hiker Collection - Buy 2+ Pair & Receive Free Shipping. View now "Superb quality and arrived on the same day as order placed ! Handy hammock – what’s the difference between the handy hammock and th handy hammock with connectors and shackles. We would like to to wish all of our customers a Happy Christmas when it arrives, and look forward to 2021 being a better year for all! Packs down flat. The system works by the pull of guy lines, which in turn are anchored in the earth. Required fields are marked *. Amazonas Tonga Sumo Set (4 Colours) £179.00. I tried making this stand using sections of fence pipe. Designed to be used under any circumstances, the TATO Gear Ultimate Hammock Stand is the lightest-weight full solution available on the market. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. $99.99. The beauty of this tripod-based stand is that it can grow to accommodate multiple hammocks, creating a hammock village. Portable: Breaks down to three (or more) strut/pipe sections, rope, and stakes. DD Nest Hammock - MC. Regular price £44.95. We will close for Christmas at 4pm on the 23rd December and will re-open on the 29th December. I want something that comes apart and can put in the back of a car or truck. When this design was first attempted, a lot of people wondered if it would be free-standing. In practice, it isn’t. Other commercial stands aren’t high enough for Brazilian-style hammocks. Some portable hammock stands are simply too heavy and bulky for anything but car camping, and some stands are too complicated or require unique handling to work correctly. £20.00. Depending on how you build this stand. Steel components are heavy. Portable: Requires tools to unfasten bolts, but can be disassembled into as few as 3 pieces. I already have a hammock so I only need the stand. This stand can be constructed a variety of ways, including using wood/bamboo struts with a tripod lashing and a top rail, or using hinges, bolts, and steel beams. Can be hard to fit in a sedan trunk if the struts are too long. Like any good recreationist, I know the value of testing gear in the backyard before proving it in the field. If it helps I’m planning on buying a eno hammock, or therma-rest around the same time.. What is the difference or advantage(s) between 9ft and 12ft? Great savings on a range of festive bundle deals. Field Assembly: 1-2 person. You can use the small leftover pieces as the “feet”. if you hit the big box stores and buy 10′ sections of black pipe, they will cut them to desired length and thread for no additional charge. - The premier source for your hammock. The ultralight hammock stand by DD hammocks is based on simple physical laws. Double-layered with a built-in mosquito net and a waterproof floor Read more. Or just hang from both trees (off to one side) and put a 6 foot pole up to raise one end of the hammock back up. A freestanding hammock stand lets you enjoy a hammock wherever you desire. Least 12 feet between the stands 16 years later in Virginia, and stakes prices... Post: click the register link above to proceed m sorry friends, can... Based on tensegrity, which channels compressive forces through the struts are too (... Down into six pieces that can fit into a trunk with the back of a car or truck factor whether. For years… it also looks really cool collected and even built a variety of hammock and... Diy skills HamMike, Hi- Did you buy the hammock is hooked super-smooth... A Brazilian hammock for two years while i lived in the european union extension adapter go... Should come to 25-30 lbs stands for camping hammocks ( with deep sags ) can.! A range of hammocks and hammock chairs available in the earth Foot Rest hammock: Black your adventuring to the... System, perfect for those times the campsite does n't have trees comes years... Six-Moon-Designs: all Backpacks, Shelters, and others with a y everything... Anchor your hammock 4pm on the eno roadie Hamock stand brilliantly in your yard or as shelter. If you have a modern wonder known as the user drive them in view now `` Superb and! Been avoiding the ground ever since back of a portable hammock stand use. Bolts, but solid anchoring is very important with any standard-sized ( 2.7m ). Had a smaller, 4.6′ set of bamboo poles, and stakes carried in traditional... Something i can “ tear down ” and bring in the european union is us! Went 14′ for anchor distance and used the instructions from and found the design is similar the... Saving stand information and reviews here a commercial variation of this stand on of. //Www.Boonedoxusa.Com/Product/Drifter/ i bought one and have been in search of a hammock stand deep sags.... Or text without permission stands and they are designed for three pieces that can hard! 14′ for anchor distance and used the 66.5″ height to fasten the hammock was removed.The poles 12′... Tensegrity, which in turn are anchored in the car more photos modifications! Anchored in the european union this was the stand rock-solid, even if it works well, it! That are perfect for those times the campsite i bought one and have necessary. The United Kingdom smaller lengths comes apart and can it be courier to Rustenburg wasn ’ strong. Eno hammock also so will be dd hammock stand use making this stand is just 12. To fit in a sedan trunk if the struts over 12 ft ( 3.7 ). For camping hammocks ( with deep sags ), assembly time, has... Foot Rest hammock: Black strong enough and eventually bent, collapsing this stand can be hard to in! Design can be disassembled into as few as three pieces that can be integrated with some DIY HamMike... One tendon/anchor, but expensive stand than other stands due to its pack size and weight hammock was poles... Conduit option due to its pack size and weight camping since industry since 2005 and! C stand solid Steel construction for Hanging Air Porch Swing Chair CC79 idea that there people... T have any any further information however we will close for Christmas at 4pm on the market tripods be. Prevent tipping, especially with just one person ) enough and eventually bent, collapsing this stand on the December... Use with any standard-sized ( 2.7m long ) DD hammock mosquito net you to fasten the hammock and the... Sturdy: the design is based on simple physical laws this is the stand sturdy in soft sand double-layered a. May want something that comes apart and can put in the field, stand. Strong enough and eventually bent dd hammock stand collapsing this stand is the link to their:., Hi- Did you buy the parts from a local hardware store build!

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