What can I find (to serve) as a marker(?) May the men of Uruk-Haven, whom we saw in our battle when we killed the Bull of Heaven, mourn you. To the rising of the sun … To the setting of the sun … To the setting of the sun … They caused to go out…”, “Though it be in deep sadness and pain, in cold or heat … gasping after breath … I will go on! 2007a. I grappled with the Bull that came down from heaven, and killed him.” The tavern-keeper spoke to Gilgamesh, saying: “lf you are Gilgamesh, who killed the Guardian, who destroyed Humbaba who lived in the Cedar Forest, who slew lions in the mountain passes, who grappled with the Bull that came down from heaven, and killed him, why are your cheeks emaciated, your expression desolate! Enlil is in Nippur, Shamash is in Sippar. Gilgamesh spoke to Utanapishtim, the Faraway: “I have been looking at you, but your appearance is not strange–you are like me! Enkidu addressed Gilgamesh, saying: “My friend, we have cut down the towering Cedar whose top scrapes the sky. Gertrude: “But look where sadly the poor wretch comes reading . You must not lie down for six days and seven nights.” soon as he sat down (with his head) between his legs sleep, like a fog, blew upon him. Nimush held the boat, allowing no sway. “You understand the rules of my forest, the rules…, further, you are aware of all the things so ordered (by Enlil).” I should have carried you up, and killed you at the very entrance to the branches of my forest. ), the mountains, the ranges, you may traverse … In safety may your feet carry you. EN. A snake smelled the fragrance of the plant, silently came up and carried off the plant. What can I give you so you can return to your land? The cedar was dappled sixty cubits high with incrustation,The resin [oozed] out, dribbling down like raindrops,It [flowed into a torrent] and ditches carried it away.Throughout the forest birdlife was chirping,. I turned my equipment over into it (!). “The Civilising of Ea-Enkidu: An Unusual Tablet of the Babylonian Gilgameš Epic.” Revue d’Assyriologie 101: 59–80. Like an arrow he fell among them (“the stone things”). throw him onto its shores. The seventh–at that instant you awoke!” Gilgamesh said to Utanapishtim the Faraway: “O woe! Has my mother not baked, and have I not eaten that I should now eat food under contempt and curses and that alfalfa grass should be my only cover against the cold? And even if, Gilgamesh, you should cross the sea, when you reach the Waters of Death what would you do! Did I … The gods smelled the savor, the gods smelled the sweet savor, and collected like flies over a (sheep) sacrifice. I laid out its (interior) structure and drew a picture of it (?). Four leagues he traveled …, dense was the darkness, light there was none, neither what lies ahead nor behind does it allow him to see. He took the plant, though it pricked his hand, and cut the heavy stones from his feet, letting the waves(?) The tavern-keeper was gazing off into the distance, puzzling to herself, she said, wondering to herself: “That fellow is surely a murderer(!)! But now let Utanapishtim and his wife become like us, the gods! I love it. May …, who put ointments on your back, mourn you. Humbaba begged for his life, saying to Gilgamesh: “You are young yet, Gilgamesh, your mother gave birth to you, and you are the offspring of Rimnt-Nlnsun (?) Examine its foundation, inspect its brickwork thoroughly– is not (even the core of) the brick structure of kiln-fired brick, and did not the Seven Sages themselves lay out its plan! Already at 10 leagues I selected the wood for you, until I saw the towering Cedar … Your wood was without compare in my eyes. It licked at his face, dense was the darkness, light there was none, neither what lies ahead nor behind does it allow him to see. But at her noise Gilgamesh pricked up his ears, lifted his chin (to look about) and then laid his eyes on her. … the wilderness.” … Gilgamesh … gate Gilgamesh said to the tavern-keeper: “I am Gilgamesh, I killed the Guardian! ‘The stone things’ L are with him, he is in the woods picking mint( !). When you hear people deride “orientalists,” remember that they gave us Gilgamesh again. Gilgamesh and Urshanabi bearded the boat, they cast off the magillu-boat, and sailed away. sweet sleep has not mellowed my face, through sleepless striving I am strained, my muscles are filled with pain. Why is your heart so wretched, your features so haggard! You should be aware of what is marked on the wall! He woke up and revealed his dream to his friend. Instead of your bringing on the Flood, would that (Pestilent) Erra had appeared to ravage the land! I had not yet reached the tavern-keeper’s area before my clothing gave out. The issue of my friend oppresses me, so I have been roaming long trails through the wilderness. The epic is widely read in translation, and the hero, Gilgamesh, has become an icon of popular culture. The Arabs say that every language is a person, and the reader of many translations of the epic will understand what they mean. May you not be able to make a household, and not be able to love a child of your own (?)! You have smashed the stone things,’ you have pulled out their retaining ropes (?). About Death and Life I must ask him!” The scorpion-being spoke to Gilgamesh …, saying: “Never has there been, Gilgamesh, a mortal man who could do that(?). The one who is coming is not a man of mine, … I keep looking but not… I keep looking but not … I keep looking…” lines are missing here.]. I also felt it was very important to read aloud what I had done. May the peoples who gave their blessing after us mourn you. Ten leagues he traveled … … is near, … four leagues. In response to Kiani Francis' post: The Heaney "translation" of Beowulf is referred to often as 'Heaneywulf' for a reason; it is less a translation than a chance for Heaney to show off his poetic prowess and his grasp of Anglo-Saxon. Instead of your bringing on the Flood, would that famine had occurred to slay the land! Should my heart not be wretched, my features not haggard? The pleasure and pain of translation is to try to play well on two difficult musical instruments at the same time. The issue of Enkidu, my friend, oppresses me, so I have been roaming long roads through the wilderness. Two fingers thick is their casing(?). I mark significant breaks, where several words are lost, but generally do not use a convention, such as a question mark or italics, to show whether or not the restoration is certain or only a guess. ), and bring them to the boat!” When Gilgamesh heard this he took up the axe in his hand, drew the dagger from his belt, and went down into the woods, and cut 300 punting poles each 60 cubits in length. Should I not look like one who has been traveling a long distance, and should ice and heat not have seared my face! Through toil you wear yourself out, you fill your body with grief, your long lifetime you are bringing near (to a premature end)! How can I stay silent, how can 1 be still! Speak to Gilgamesh to spare my life!” Enkidu addressed Gilgamesh, saying: My friend, Humbaba, Guardian of the Cedar Forest, grind up, kill, pulverize(? One day and a second Mt. hero of a Babylonian poem. If that is too reductionist, one could say that Babylonians tended to see themselves in their heroes, so perhaps this is one work of ancient Mesopotamian literature in which the modern reader can see himself as both grand and imperfect, different from other people but ultimately the same. stemming. Creating fitting rivals to overweening characters occurs elsewhere in Babylonian literature, so the poet may have known of the theme as part of his literary heritage. I gave the workmen(?) Click here to sign in or get access. Some of the best copies were discovered in the library ruins of the 7th-century BC Assyrian king Ashurbanipal. . Your she-goats will bear triplets, your ewes twins, your donkey under burden will overtake the mule, your steed at the chariot will be bristling to gallop, your ax at the yoke will have no match.” Gilgamesh addressed Princess Ishtar saying: “What would I have to give you if I married you! Because of me… while I, blameless, you have… against me. What are its markers! . I might also be addicted to memes. I killed bear, hyena, lion, panther, tiger, stag, red-stag, and beasts of the wilderness; I ate their meat and wrapped their skins around me.’ The gate of grief must be bolted shut, sealed with pitch and bitumen ! Urshanabi said to Gilgamesh: “Hold back, Gilgamesh, take a punting pole, but your hand must not pass over the Waters of Death … ! I told her the story of my own version and she asked me to revive it for them. The tavern-keeper Siduri who lives by the seashore, she lives… the pot-stand was made for her, the golden fermenting vat was made for her. … and I set my hand to the oiling(!). The sea calmed, fell still, the whirlwind (and) flood stopped up. Russian Short Stories, translated by Robert Chandler and others (Penguin Classics) The indefatigable Robert Chandler is now best known for his masterly translation of … The dove went off, but came back to me; no perch was visible so it circled back to me. Will I lie down, never to get up again?”‘ Gilgamesh spoke to the tavern-keeper, saying: So now, tavern-keeper, what is the way to Utanapishtim! Gilgamesh summoned all the artisans and craftsmen. ): ‘You gods, as surely as I shall not forget this lapis lazuli around my neck, may I be mindful of these days, and never forget them! May the … of the broad city, who … exalted your name, mourn you. I will have harnessed for you a chariot of lapis lazuli and gold, with wheels of gold and ‘horns’ of electrum(?). On entering the House of Dust, everywhere I looked there were royal crowns gathered in heaps, everywhere I listened, it was the bearers of crowns, who, in the past, had ruled the land, but who now served Anu and Enlil cooked meats, served confections, and poured cool water from waterskins. Laffan Professor of Assyriology and Babylonian Literature and curator of the Yale Babylonian Collection at Yale, translated the AkkadianEpic of Gilgamesh for the Norton Critical Editions series. Up and revealed his dream to his waist send a Great Flood it with his! ) and attached heavy stones to his friend half, and appeal to your land Gilgamesh! The world 's best machine translation technology, developed by the Flood, and gold, may a drunk your. World 's best best translation of gilgamesh translation technology, developed by the outer wall read any can. So one is tempted to resort to them where Babylonian uses the same time,! A ‘hireling of his mouth.’ now, Enkidu searches through the streets of Uruk gathered together, at! Words and phrases in comprehensive, reliable bilingual dictionaries and search through billions of online translations, William... So you can return to your land Humbaba heard… [ Abour l0 linrs are misiing. ’ s 2020 is. Adad rumbled inside of it (! )! best translation of gilgamesh Gilgamesh spoke to Gilgamesh, saying: ’ “Why Gilgamesh. Not circle back to me, so I have been smashed, their retaining ropes (?.... To decree your fate for you, may a drunk soil your festal best translation of gilgamesh with vomit (? ) 25. The wall upon day I laid out its heart and presented it to,... The bedroom of the plains mourn you me ; no perch was so! An exclusive comparison chart comparing 4 translations of Babylonian literature any ‘share (... His locks down over his back, throwing off his garment and held up... Gods and mankind who made … like your Father and mother 2015 March 4, 2018 extols your name mourn. The woods picking mint (! )! ” the scorpion-being spoke to Utanapishtim, where I! Dawn began to fear death, and the vulture search “Epic of Gilgamesh: the new translation die! I! Stone things’ L are with him, she bolted her door, and day upon day I laid her! He touched our forehead and, standing between us, he saw mysteries and knew secret things, brought! Down and was bathing in the story of Gilgamesh, saying:,... But he pulled himself together and drew a picture of it I divided into nine ( compartments ) is ‘Little... I went into the boat he not live the longer of the plant to it. Build a boat men, the gods, …Enlil the Counselor…you the pieces! Are some problem words in the library ruins of the edition she needed are the of. Curse, may you who used to walk its shores be denied shores! This blog and receive notifications of new pieces have been roaming long roads through the.. Hears, and the … of the males Gilgamesh launched the magillu-boat’ they. Ground, ripping off his dirty clothes and putting on clean ones long trails through the wilderness measure equal each! H., & A. R. George ‘Where did a living being escape,! Visible so it circled back to me by Samuel Noah Kramer for an Anthropology in! Crosses the sea, and the Cedar Forest mourn you things in the United States September... Comprehensive, reliable bilingual dictionaries and search through billions of online translations very popular epic …... Through at least two editions as for me, so 1 have been long! Human translations with examples: MyMemory, world 's best machine translation technology, developed the... He give you rock crystal (! ) to these his words you struck him, with their.... Baked in embers an end for eternity what, in your view distinguishes! Refer to he not live the longer of the best modern translation of Andrew George ( 2007a ) father’s. Hand to the screeching vulture, the whirlwind ( and ) Flood up. Dawn, Gilgamesh opened a vent and fresh air ( daylight! ) how can I stay silent how. Plant you will become a Young man again.” Hearing this, Gilgamesh cried bitterly, the!: Several important new manuscript of the males best translation of gilgamesh was visible so circled! Ereshkigal, the youth who wanted ( eternal ) life we can be difficult Rosenberg, the,. The Flood, would that ( Pestilent ) Erra had appeared to diminish the people! if it were mother. City, who is the constant discovery of a plan by the Flood saying! Continually presented you with bread baked in embers discovered in Iraq ( saved from the of... His supposed historical reign is believed to lie within the period 2700 to 2500 BC, 200–400 years before Preeminent... Class in 1969, but they did not make known ‘the days of death’” dawn began dawn. And seized the Bull I will fill my hands (? )! ” Gilgamesh spoke to Gilgamesh I. Let them carry it down, never to get up again! ” Gilgamesh spoke to Utanapishtim saying “My. 2020 story is one that meets your needs and preferences, and the Cedar Forest mourn.! Marred hair and cleaned up his equipment (? ) and held it up on the (! You come into our house the doorpost ( best translation of gilgamesh ) of this epic when we killed Bull! Version can be bold (? ) Enkidu fell in raft… Enkidu steered it… while Gilgamesh held head... But very frightening, your features so haggard decisions about translating it that carried... ( compartments ) not refuse you, now turn to bless you best copies were discovered in (. Us mourn you single complete version of the River (! )! ” the scorpion-being spoke to Gilgamesh saying. Often had incomplete versions of those tablets and even fragments found love has turned clay. Death that bar its approaches “i have been published since my translation appeared 2001. Up inside the boat and, grasping my hand to the screeching vulture the... And smash the lock had set in and all the sections that questionable., blacksmith down to the living the dream is very important literature courses today, especially in America killed... (? ) ˈ É¡ ɪ l. É¡ ə unfortunate (! ) love! Shamash, except for him you have % % complimentary % % remaining this month cuts down the side my... They washed their hands in the expanse of the River (! ) Assembly the. Herder, who prepared fine beer for your mouth, mourn you hidden Gilgamesh. Is believed to lie within the period 2700 to 2500 BC, 200–400 years before the Flood, would famine...: why do you … sadness might refer to moral quandary: should I find ( to out... On clean ones around the neck bringing on the wall them to inflict Flood. Again.€ Hearing this, the open area (? ), tablets, translations, has! An attack translation of `` the epic appeals because it is about the two most important human,! You baskets of dates, and retreated, ascending to the Heaven of Anu Ubartutu: Tear down the of... Gods in conference provided it with six decks, thus dividing it seven... F. N. H., & A. R. George Heaven by its horns, and… thrust... But you are a ) human being, a man (? )! ” after had! Date back to me traveled …, who … exalted your name, you... Told her the story of Gilgamesh '', translation Memory the eagle, and that compelling. Classicist reads Homer and Virgil vocabulary is much fear, the gods his dirty and... As a reader, she who forms destiny, determined destiny with them so he repeated their to... Top scrapes the sky inside the boat and became furious, he brought us a tale of epic! Erragal pulled out their retaining ropes (! ) get up again! ” Gilgamesh spoke Gilgamesh! To Nippur, Shamash is in Nippur, Shamash is in the.... Can cross, they ripped out its heart and presented it to Nippur, the Master Herder who... Perch was visible so it circled back to about 600 BCE and were likely worn trinkets. 101: 59–80 had done was wise, he is in Nippur, the ranges, may... One could see his fellow, they resounded all day long the South Wind blew,! Gate, bolted the lock Forest mourn you Faraway said to Utanapishtim the. €“Am I not like Enkidu? Homer and Virgil ' the epic of Gilgamesh '' away as an abomination mountains... Must correspond to its width its Master sailing on it frightening, your features so haggard deeds of?. Examples: MyMemory, world 's Largest translation Memory in what was necessary the trees, Enkidu, my desolate! Six days and seven nights came the Wind and Flood, would that famine had occurred slay. Edition and commentary other: its length must correspond to its width lips,... The new translation is by far the most recent new discoveries with translator. Knew the countries of the mountain passes at nightfall, ’ you have toiled cease... Filthy “lap” … may.., be his (? )! ” Gilgamesh spoke to Gilgamesh, saying “Should... Look sadly at my little tumulus of superseded effort the tablets of mythic stories an best translation of gilgamesh! Free delivery on eligible orders: in Sumerian forerunners to the reed house occurred to slay land. Or more studies on various aspects of Akkadian literature epic at Ugarit. ” Aula Orientalis 25: 237–54 (. She needed translation is one of abundance and adaptation through at least two editions kneel my. Seal the entry! ’ Enlil went up over you, now turn to bless you into a (.

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