Intuition is a feeling or thought you have about something without knowing why you feel that way. Hugh's pupil, Richard of St Victor, declares, in opposition to dialectic scholasticism, that the objects of mystic contemplation are partly above reason, and partly, as in the intuition of the Trinity, contrary to reason. The higher life of aesthetic and ethical activity - the beautiful and the good - can only be based upon an intuition which penetrates the heart of reality. Two years later Victor Hugo published the third and concluding series of La Legende des siecles. All Rights Reserved. the briefest sketch of her life can omit to notice that happy instinct or intuition which led her, when all others had heard with incredulity the scheme of Columbus, to recall the wanderer to her presence with the words, "I will assume the undertaking for my own crown of Castile, and am ready to pawn my jewels to defray the expenses of it, if the funds in the treasury should be found inadequate.". "Encourage Creative Process to Spur Innovation: Dr. Kelman Outlines Three Elements of Creativity: Inspiration, Insight, Intuition.". His keen intuition of truth, his vigour and yet sobriety of argument, his fertility of illustration and acuteness of sarcasm, made him irresistible to his antagonists; and the evanescent triumphs of scornful controversy have given place to the sedate applause of a long-lived posterity. Your intuition or your intuitions are unexplained feelings that something is true even when you have no evidence or proof of it. Synonyms: instinctive, spontaneous, innate, involuntary More Synonyms of intuitive In looking for a job, I trusted my intuition and chose the one that fit my interests the most. Later, she relied on intuition and feedback from customers and friends to refine her recipes. How to use intuition in a sentence. Choose a spread that speaks to you because when it comes to tarot readings, your own intuition is the best guide. Lange entirely agreed with Kant that a priori forms can have no validity beyond experience when he says: " Kant is at any rate so far justified as the principle of intuition in space and time a priori is in us, and it was a service to all time that he should in this first great example, show that what we possess a priori, just because it arises out of the disposition of our mind, beyond our experience has no longer any claim to validity " (Hist. His mental qualities were - a quick analytic perception, strong logical powers, a tenacious memory, a liberal estimate and tolerance of the opinions of others, ready intuition of human nature; and perhaps his most valuable faculty was rare ability to divest himself of all feeling or passion in weighing motives of persons or problems of state. Quote by Holbrook Jackson. He found the elevation giving the greatest range to be 45°, but failed to demonstrate the correctness of his intuition. Intuition is not some magical property that arises unbidden from the depths of our mind. Examples of Intuitive in a sentence. Geometric intuition : caution Given X = 0.75, two values of Y are possible, 0.25 and 0.5. Jeremiah Horrocks had some intuition, previously to 1639, that the motion of the moon was controlled by the earth's gravity, and disturbed by the action of the sun. It was sheer, 28. Examples of intuitive in a sentence: 1. Dictionary ! reliance on the intuition in establishing valid proofs became common among mathematics education philosophers. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. 5. Our most basic moral intuition, according to Feldman, is simply stated: we ought to do the best we can. Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next." Kant had attributed to God, in distinction from man's understanding, an intellectual intuition of things. When her child is involved, a mother’s intuition will often allow her to perceive things that others might miss. But Laplace unquestionably surpassed his rival in practical sagacity and the intuition of physical truth. Instead of relying on your sense of intuition to help you get from paycheck to paycheck, a budget tells you how much money you need to spend on your bills and how much is left over for you to enjoy. Yet, given the challenges and obstacles you have faced in life, you continued to take risks and trust your intuition to know when the time was right. Schelling attributes to man an intellectual intuition of the Absolute God; and as there is, according to him, but one universal reason, the common intelligence of God and man, this intellectual intuition at once gives man an immediate knowledge of God, and identifies man with God himself. variable noun. So it should come as no surprise that I am going to ask you to take some risks and trust your intuition once again when it comes to this current relationship. This is an argument based upon feelings or intuition, which we shall examine presently. I want everything to happen instantly, so being patient is something … The intuitive list of example sentences with intuitive. When numbers are high, he says, people's intuition fails them, and they tend to grab at round figures irrationally. They did not make much use of the word " intuition," which may indeed be taken in different senses, e.g. The answer is simple: dialogue it. You’ll know your intuition is there because you’ll be able to feel it – if you let yourself. 3 : the power or faculty of gaining direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference. Her feminine intuition told her that he was unhappy. It's always important to allow your intuition to guide you in the final interpretation. Feel. There is not any intuition given whereby we might show the reality of our idea of a Supreme Being. It is impossible to enter here on the steps by which the theoretical ego is shown to develop into the complete system of cognitive categories, or to trace the deduction of the processes (productive imagination, intuition, sensation, understanding, judgment, reason) by which the quite indefinite non-ego comes to assume the appearance of definite objects in the forms of time and space. It also applies to all areas of study and learning, meditation and intuition. It is odd that this irregular poem, with its copious and varied music, its splendid sweep of emotion, its unfailing richness of texture - this poem in which Tennyson rises to heights of human sympathy and intuition which he reached nowhere else, should have been received with bitter hostility, have been styled "the dead level of prose run mad," and have been reproved more absurdly still for its "rampant and rabid bloodthirstiness of soul.". The Ontological argument, though not wholly rejected as a proof, is taken rather as pointing to God's attribute of infinity; thought rather than experience making affirmation that the intuition in question must be attached to God. Intuition told her it was unwise to argue. The intuitive police officer could tell the woman was trying to hide something from him. Instantly she bent far over toward him with intuitive scrutiny. Neoplatonism seeks this in the ecstatic intuition of the ineffable One. Many animals have grreat intuition for danger, just like Mothers do when their children are hurting or in trouble. This is the process in intuitive minds. However, I do not wish to suggest that one's intuition that they are is entirely stupid. Moreover, while Kant in a quite similar manner pointed out that intuition had special conditions, space and time, he did not show any link of connexion between these and the primitive conditions of pure cognition.

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