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Words Liive is committed to the holistic human capital development of our young people. We stand committed to the goals of our brothers and sisters in the fight to enable thoughtful, responsible, magnanimous, civic-minded students. Through our use of urban music in the classrooms, we pledge to refrain from presenting any material that features profanity, sexually explicit lyrics or content, drug use glorification, derogatory language, or personally harmful content in our curricula.

Our decision to incorporate a lyric selection goes through three evaluative points:

(1)  Is the evidence of literary technique or structure in this passage great enough to warrant an examination?

(2)  Does this passage pass our ‘Decency Clause’?

(3)  Are the students likely to benefit from this example in their lesson plan?


Only if we can answer ‘Yes’ to all three questions do we proceed to incorporate a lyrical excerpt into our curricula!