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Our Education Alliances

WordsLiive offers multiple program alliances to train teachers, admins, and students on our innovative (CGI) method, which integrates contemporary grammar forms into standardized curricula. 


Professional Development Alliances:

1. Staff Training Workshops:  Workshops are designed to aid administrators and teachers in an integration strategy of contemporary languages into classroom curricula. Our Words Liive team will evaluate your staff’s needs and goals to customize education solutions for you. We then coach staff members in sustainable development practices.

2. Technology Implementation: Workshops will also address how to incorporate the latest technology aids for learning management systems.

3. Education Portfolio Management: Participants will be shown how to get students to create their own portfolio of educational work.


Student Services Alliances:

1. In-Class Co-teaching & Modeling: We offer strategic alliances with teachers to augment lessons using our CGI process. The WordsLiive trainer would work with your staff members to help teach existing lesson plans. The trainer will model CGI strategies in your classrooms.

2. After-School/ Extended Day: The WordsLiive after-school program is designed to provide additional resources to students. Our staff will extend your existing lesson plans via our CGI process. Students are provided the opportunity to not only evaluate contemporary grammar structures but also record and document their own usage of literary techniques.

3. Summer Program: During the summer we create custom solutions for students and faculty. We offer summer camp formats for students as well as summer workshop retreats for faculty.

The Big Picture
“If we can produce GREAT WRITERS, we can produce GREAT READERS. If we can produce great readers, we can produce GREAT THINKERS” – Sage Salvo


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