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"A Problem Cannot be Solved by the Same Mind that Created It."

~ Albert Einstein

The Concept that will Forever Change learning
We can reveal the natural brilliance inherent in many students.
Why We Exist

Words Liive believes our students are effectively communicating sophisticated themes, ideas, and thoughts through multiple formats everyday. Therefore, we see no justifiable reason for students to be deficient in literacy!

How We Work

Words Liive is a 21st century education service company that developed Contemporary Grammar Integration, (CGI). CGI is a new approach to literacy that evaluates contemporary languages such as:

  • 1) The Lyrics of Urban Music
  • 2) Code/ Computer Programming Languages
  • 3) Social Media lingo
  • 4) Text message language


Our systemic process integrates these contemporary languages into traditional classroom literature such as novels, speeches, essays, plays, and poems for enhanced literacy.

The CGI process is ideal for English, History, Social Studies, and Technology curricula.

What We Do For You

The Words Liive team provides customized solutions and products to education organizations.  Our products are designed to address the needs of both teachers and students.

Our clients are:

  • 1) Educational Organizations
  • 2) Individual Schools
  • 3) Districts
  • 4) Curricula Developers


The Problem

As American students continue to fall behind foreign peers, 45 states and Washington, D.C. have adopted the Common Core State Standards, but we advocate a complete public S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) education



% of 8th Graders in U.S.

The Illiteracy Crisis and Common Core
“Across the country, 64 percent of eighth graders do not meet grade level expectations in reading. And according to a report out in March, the average reading level of teens in grades 9-12 is 5.3 — barely above the fifth grade.”
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  • “Our school was captivated and over 600 students were engaged and responding in collective annotation of Beowulf and Kendrick Lamar’s songs.” – Principal Foy, The Eagle Academy For Young Men....
  • “Considering the new Common Core focus on digital media in the classroom, Words Liive is an invaluable resource to incorporate in our classrooms.” – Nicole Cho, PG County, MD...
  • “Presenting to an academically and ethnically diverse group of students, Words Liive proved able to transcend cultural and achievement gaps to make literature relevant and interesting.” – Fulton Vinson, Academic...









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